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I received this email from a friend and a Mum.  Please read and share.


Hi all

You may have heard through the village and/or Roundwood ‘grapevine’  that Ed was knocked off his bike last Friday morning by a car on Harpenden Lane.  Fortunately he is fine … a little shaken and a few cuts and bruises.  However, this would not have been the case if he had not been wearing his bike helmet.  I have attached a couple of photos and as you can see a big chunk was taken out of the back of the helmet.  God only knows what impact his head would have taken if he was not wearing the helmet.

Ed had decided to cycle on the road only a couple of days before as an old lady had told him off for cycling on the path.  This only came to light when Ed was being interviewed by the Police after the incident.  The Policeman told Ed that he should cycle on the pavement in future.

I thought I would share with you the pictures of the helmet as it really brought home to me, Ed and Joe the importance of wearing one.  I know that I have been guilty in the past of not wearing a helmet but  Ed, Joe and I will certainly be seen wearing one in the future when on our bikes!

Happy cycling!!!

why wear a safety helmet

massive section missing

helmet after the crash -

helmet after the crash -


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