Nice Tri – and it was

West Hampstead Hockey Vets

West Hampstead Hockey Vets

Nice-Tri Match Report

This weekend was my first Triathlon… relay. OK I feel it was slightly fraudulent to have a triathlon medal as 2 lovely friends did the hard parts. 1500m swim, 45k cycle and 10K run based in St Neots Cambridgeshire and organised by Nice Tri – I can highly recommend it.

Our “dream team” was was comprised of a former West Hampstead Hockey 1st XI captain and 2 defenders – also known as the unbeaten West Hampstead boat race team.

These events are not to be underestimated, the level of kit, athletic builds and dedication that lay before us was jaw droppingly impressive. Then there was us, slightly over excited and brilliantly chatty. I am sure we would have had first place for faffing Рbut this was a triathlon not a faffing competition. As the tannoy requested us to leave the transition area for the 3rd time we scurried to the briefing area to find we had missed the majority. But that was fine РFiona new what she was doing and as she sped through and out of the water, I simply had to remove the tag from her left ankle and attach to mine before finding my bike in a sea of cycling kit heaven.  Battling first timer issues like chains falling off and checking I had done secured my front wheel, the 45 K went quite smoothly, however I was delighted to finish and had the blue tag onto Carol who ran a blinding time.

We did well – we came 4th in the team event…out of 4. But the fun factor was immense, properly exciting. So until next year … thank you so much ladeeez.

K x

appraoching the finish

finish in sight


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