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Cycling across America is a dream few of us have time for – so why not ride the best bit? San Francisco to Los Angeles oh maaaaan. Flights have been purchased and childcare covered. I have not yet broken the news to my daughter who may well hide my wheels this time –  so I think I will have to get some spare.  Jokes aside – this project does have a serious angle so please do read on.

Nightmare Ordeal

The project is driven by Sean Maloney.  Sean and his family have been through a nightmare ordeal. A healthy Brit living the American dream until about 5 years a go, when out of the blue, he was hit by a massive stroke. He survived and has battled to relearn many skills. So why cycle across America? Because it was all preventable. A carotid artery scan would have alerted medics to the clot and a simple op could have prevented the heart ache him and his family has endured.

Sean Maloney, a former Intel executive, thought he was invincible. Despite his healthy lifestyle, in 2010 a blocked artery led to a stroke that wiped out virtually all of his abilities – to write, to speak (aphasia), and paralyzed the right side of his body. He was determined to recover, regained his abilities to speak and move and decided to do something to save others from the trauma of stroke and heart disease.The Carotid Artery Scan

So whilst I am going to do this cycle, well the CA leg, because I love cycling I would like to share with you that these scans are available. I found them online for £99 at an ultrasound clinic. So think about it – we all know the NHS is under a lot of pressure but for £100 you too could give yourself peace of mind.Heart Across America ride with sean

I hope to update the blog for this exciting adventure.  I will  be joining my good friend Suzy De Line as we endeavour to keep up with the #ridewithsean peloton.

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