Chatty Peloton learns to ride in a peloton


This Weekend the Chatty Peloton learnt finally how to ride in a proper peloton. We even stopped chatting for a bit to enjoy the jooouuuuuggee of the tyres on the road as we soared through the roads of sunny Hertfordshire.

The amazing crew at did an amazing job, we started with some essential skill sets. Cones, bottles on tables and a limbo…we mastered these solo and then in pairs round Verulamium Park. With sound advice and solid coaching we graduated to a quiet road, where we gradually pulled it together before putting it into action on the Rebourn to St Albans road… all the way to the HuB in Redbourn for delicious coffee and cake.

Man this was a good session. Thank you Vix, Beccie and Irene for having so much patience, skill and knowledge.

riding in a peloton and balancing bikes

another top tip: ever tried balancing two bikes together?? It rocks.

how to ride in a peloton

Chatty Peloton finally in a peloton, well this was celebratory coffee post peloton


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